Faery Land

Lady Morgan Conjures the Faeries 

by Sonia Elizabeth Di Placido


O come
little creatures of fly-like fashion
celebrate the ancient birthright 
bestowed upon you
before Shakespeare
ascribed each wing

rise little creatures
flicker and flee
swing erratic
noiseless buzzing and bobbing
your fanciful zigzags bloom

little creatures of myth and mayhem
quicker than fireflies 
mimic the angels 
from your rooted legends
and the faery lands of chimera

little creatures frolic in unison 
proffer humans with
an epicene mystique
such playful charms 
are unisex breathing-room

little creatures
dancing to harpsichord tunes 
mischief brews among
each invisible delicate dream
priceless is your felted heart of joy 

little creatures hover
your festivities
possess the wanton madness 
among mid-air gleams
glitter over Star-spangled dust

O come 
enchanted Faeries
we give up our vulva magic 
to the wandering lust!


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