Speculative Short Fiction

I’m working on this short fiction piece that’s speculative. It must be submitted to room within 24 hours. Absoultely insane. The Lorelei and the Rhine legends and lore has been my selection of choice. The dry martini aspect is that Lorelei is actually an Irish grandmother living in Canada diagnosed with schizo-effective psychosis who slips in and out of fantastical reality believing she is a Lorelei faery nymph haunted by the murder of her husband–a fisherman. The story is told in the narrative voice of her granddaughter. Should be interesting how I manage this madness. Lorelei refuses to call herself by her given name despairing over her mother’s stark old Irish upbringing and her name of origin; she calls herself Lara also called Granny Loli by her grandchildren. This speculative piece is intended to be submitted to ROOM magazine published out of Vancouver, BC. An excellent women’s press releasing its first speculative fiction issue Spring 2009.


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