Best of Canadian Poetry in English 2008

A Comment I left on the Best of American Poetry Blog site:

I am so glad this discussion is transpiring between Best American and the latest ‘new’ Best of Canadian Poetry in English. Kudos to Molly! Not only is it a look at the relationships between the poet and his/her nation (US) (Canada) (Britain) and so on but it is also a 3 dimensional discourse in such that it offers a look at the poet in relationship to his/her nation then that body vs. the other body of poets from a different country and the relationship of those works to the nation. Molly has looked at the US, Canada and Britain: a healthy dialogue. Most notable for me, however, is the fact that the first Best of Canadian Poetry in English also invites a newer potential canon of writers to the fore showing diverse national identities and that Canadian poetry is on the brink of new frontiers with new poets establishing a diversified and a post-2010 era canon that has grown out of those 20th century poet fore-fathers/mothers. Yes, Harold Bloom points out the 20th century poets–an era that modestly set the stage for what is happening now. The time, I believe, for poets like Avison and Babstock, as mentioned above, begin to map out the onslaught of a new canon of Canadian Poets in the post-2010 era is arrived. Thus, inviting all poetry aficionados into a new epoch of Canada’s widely best recognizable poetry: Barry Dempster, Helen Humphreys, A.F. Moritz, Adam Sol, and Carmine Starnino to mention just a few!


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