The Old Kingdom

The Old Kingdom


for Gwendolyn MacEwen

a land where sun is lord of the morning

The square stones are bright yellow at dawn,

navy blue or black by night, 

copper and red in the afternoon,

golden at dusk, these stones rise 

to make me the nut-brown scribe


I am She who keeps the Arcanum

for our journey to the end of the Sun

as our pyramids reach up to the heavens 

split between day and night,

their timid points tame all of our beasts–

spirits of mystery and mayhem


Here  is death, life and birth without separation,

eternal spaces, inside out, we live, beyond the call of sky,

tainted by the stars, the fire, the water and the stones that we make


I am an instrument come from the Old Kingdom

this is my weapon I give to you, for nature,

if all should be forgot, I am come to remind you.


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