Sunday, one week into the Summer residency UBC

First day off. Free day. Instead of hanging out with cousins, I’m moving to the UBC residence at Green College. I’ll have my own room and that’s important for the rest of my stay. I stayed with my cousins from July 1st to July 12th. (today) Love my cousins. They are so italian and so canadian. They love garlic, growing it in this part of the fertile earth and just about everything else! And when I write everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING!! SO MUCH. (well, I should say my father’s cousin who is originally from the Molise mountain region, all peasants and relatives from the village – Torella Del Sannio) They make wine, they run around all day chatting and walking Benson, they are so full of life and have so much passion for this fertile earth. Sandro and Luca are so much fun and so are their girlfriends Crystal and Romina. Its a unique bunch. This morning its pancakes with spelt ground fresh, fresh currants and blueberries (organic) and yesterday evening it was an entire salmon juicy, baked fresh! and ofcourse, Tina always makes a little bit of pasta for the group to share. I’m disappointed today as I’m overweight and not out running or swimming to get exercise but more importantly I’ve got to leave this lively fun bunch to head to Green College, which is a relief as I need to focus more on the Summer Residency as that’s more important than anything and why I am here.


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