UBC Summer Residency 2009 – Last day

Thursday July 16, 2009

I’m leaving early tomorrow am. Green College and the grounds are splendid. I had the opportunity to revel in my work and writing as a poet. The grounds here are so enchanting. Glad I got to take pictures. The work with Susan Musgrave has really created promise in my work and an individual poet. She’s such a great spiritual presence. Not only am I inspired but I also have more faith in my capabilities as a writer, as a poet and as an individual voice. I have much work to do. Much work in form, with words, making it new, using images and sound–rewrites and revision is so necessary but, I no longer see it as such a daunting task that I dread due to insecurity and a feeling of not ‘being enough’ around the Toronto community of poets. I can now work harder and grow as a writer and maintain a stronger sense of self. It is so rewarding to have become friends with Susan and know that there’s opportunity to be made here over the next four years. What a great gift.


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