The Dead Poet

Tonight, in celebration of Al Purdy month, I ventured out to see Holly and Allan B at the This Ain’t the Rosedale Library. As usual they are booked up solid and Viv Meyer’s book reading may need to be postponed again.
The reading was quite lovely. I had a chance to get up and read The Dead Poet being the only female reader there. But, what was really a treat was the dialogue I had with Terry Barker about Quinte, Renaissance sensibility and the ethos that Al Purdy and Milton Acorn tried to create with the A-Frame home and their work as writers, thinkers, poets. It was quite a venture into an intellectual dialogue and discourse I haven’t had for some time and a much needed one at that, especially when he went into the realm of theosophy and the fox sisters. That was pretty funny actually. I had no idea the Fox women were Canadian and originally from Prince Edward County and North Ontario/St. Lawrence River. Guy Ewing read a poem, David Day did a tribute poem to Al. Forgive me, I cannot recall the names of the two others. It was a great night. Once again, beyond the grave, he’s inspired us all. Such a rich spirit and mind Purdy keeps, we need only to look into it a little bit and we’ve got multitudes to work from.


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