The Words

We have watched you, felt you flick the pages, the reprints. We have come with you on this pardonable journey where the remnants of letters keep falling from the voice you are trying to keep. We are, somedays, laughing at you but on most, we do not dare. What you choose from us is never boring but we do feel and often that we are a vile experiment. We are being tampered with again and again, tricked, erased, muddled, until we ourselves are feeling cut at the flesh of each letter that you so often speak of as painful! You call it fumbling badly! And all we can do is remind you that we are not pathetic; that this is not a joke. This is not just a writhing spin over page and territory where the dregs and losers stay pregnant with passage over passage. We spoke. We speak. We are words.

Sonia Elizabeth Di Placido


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