Of late

of late I need some inspiration…

no it isn’t because life isn’t near perfect. I’ve got much to my advantage to write for and about and time to make it work–this room of one’s own is a blessing. Perhaps it’s the sticky air or all the other wonderful things that life is filled with but as any artist/writer will attest to ‘we’ll avoid our writing until we’re close to bleeding before we can bloody  well sit down and do the daring deed.

It’s Simcoe Day in Toronto and the air is humid and sticky. I am not an A/C dweller so that does not help. But, I’ve been holed up in this room of my own all day long and am in the throes of finally, feeling the vibe, the work conundrum of doing nothing at all and making everything come together…right now…over me (beatles).

And so it goes, with reading a short story of a fellow classmate from the UBC distance program in creative writing and recalling the words of Austin Clarke who recently whispered to me at a book launch in Toronto: ‘Make sure you write everyday, the same time, the same place, and you will see it all eventually come together’ How sweet. It was like an omen from a Shaman of another world come down to whisper something real and true in my little right ear. He’s a lovely man. I always get to the marrow it seems.

I still haven’t seen The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo; I am still reviewing the works of friends. That’s what writers do: spend endless hours reading the latest on their fellow writers and I often ask myself Does it help to really know what’s going on in the crowd, in a scene of writers, poets, playwrights or really is the secret locked away in just getting grit into the dirty deed. I am convinced it’s the latter but it’s always fun to procrastinate.

Tonight, I’m proud to say, on this Civic Holiday, I’ll (in the words of Michael Jackson) get something started.


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