Skin over Pompeii and Semaine Italienne, Montreal 2010

I started working on a piece inspired by Pat Lowther ‘Skin Over Pompeii,’ which was published posthumously. The latest edition of the anthology that merits her works by Christine Wiesenthal as reviewed by Lorna Crozier in the Globe some weeks ago.

The book is brilliantly put together and done with much input and consideration of the previous histories/works that Wiesenthal has laboured with over the past decade or so. The poem struck a serious chord on many levels and as I’m working on a manuscript for Guernica Editions I won’t post it here (i’m just really too lazy tonight-ain’t that the truth) but I wanted to include a picture of the reading that happened at Semaine Italienne this past month in Montreal. It was a successful, buoyant and fun venture of italo-canadese writers of origin and a few of us drove up from TO to take ‘centre stage’. It was truly touching and a supreme cultural collaboration with the celebration of poetry as language: linguistics/expression/body/performance etc.

Other Poets involved in the event through the AICW:


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