Imaginings of an Artist

(a work in progress)

imagine his playful work assumes the exact shape of your longing
the artist constructing just enough skin
between himself and the world

Nicholas Power
inspired by Paterson Ewen

I could have announced it to the world on this night
what I have seen of you,
in the exact shape of my longing:

the papers, the paint, the tool you use, thrown, thrust about
the ink centuries old that stains your fingers
the garb of your tattered cloak, the messages you sing

But how to demonstrate? When all that is your task,
not mine, although I’d like to mimic
Oh, how plain that would be!

In the rooms we know, those storytelling lounges,
there are angels that come down, they fall
then linger with such precision into position

I couldn’t have guessed without really seeing
into the imagined kaleidoscopes, the microscopes,
the looking glass that gives us miniature imaginings to laugh at

the artist constructing, taking his earthen canvas to task on wings
I could say you have found your below, the work of bellowing song
from shoe to stone, all the libations to consider, such malleability

but what of it? the skin does shed in this world or without.


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