jane campion & John Keats

First Letter

As we age most of us, if not all, adopt the resolve that is inherently akin to cynicism and a xenophobic attitude to youthful passions; there is good reason for this: survival eradicates love. But, if we are to stir the existentialists deeper, with age, we also come to recognize that there is nothing more profoundly poignant about existence, being and more rewarding than love, giving it, receiving it. It is the most difficult thing to do yet, the most simple. Just listen carefully to John’s words, his tonality, the letter he writes to Fanny expressing in such a delicate manner the duality of his affection, the writing is exquisite. It is a gift we often dismiss in a dialogue that almost a few centuries later continues to be sought among youth yet, is manifested via different tools; the irony being we cannot erase the expression of affections. It may eradicate with age but every generation revisits it. A lesson of humanity as old as time itself. if I’m to insist on any “should” during the lonely existence of the self and individual; this letter and this practice SHOULD be contemplated for a return to innocence, for a return to finer approaches in love and loving, between lovers, males or females; there is no differentiation, love is simply that: love and we are so indebted to this finer dialogue of the poet that language has granted us. Priceless. Timeless. Kudos to Jane.

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