Competition in Poetry, Art @ Play as Sport

Competition is both anti-life and pro-life. It is good for the soul. It takes away from soul. It just depends which side of the coin you decide to be on that day. It is mental, spiritual, emotional. Side with yourself; you side with the winner. It is a sensation for that week. That year. That place you feel within yourself. If someone doesn’t support you; it’s a compliment to you; you are a threat; they are afraid of that your work can exist, can be; they cannot understand it, even if its is unaccomplished; it has merit. If some other artist cannot appreciate your work nor can learn from it; it is a limit for them. If you compete and lose then lose with dignity for you can engage in play and sport and its inevitable end is always ultimately meaningless. Especially, in the world of poetry, of art, of the subjective.


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