Poetry Lesson by Andrei Cordescu

I’m reading Andrei Cordescu’s comic relief on Poetics/Poetry. It’s really clever and I’d recommend it if I was teaching a course in poetry. There’s an entire vocabulary to explore: jokes on epitaphs, enunciation and a plethora of remarks about every possible literary historical figure with a clever connotation about their work and its place in the ‘canon’. I haven’t finished it yet but I’ll be posting as I go along some clever thoughts, jokes, words et al.

“An epitaph a day is like an apple a day, but the opposite, actually, because an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but an epitaph is ready if you happen to die that day. The apple part is rhymed poetry, the dying part is blank verse.” ha. ha.

TKS Carol for pointing out the book. You are brilliant.

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