Mars Re-Call

Mars Re-call

the sci-fi mama ‘buon giorno’ Oracle dream queen
didn’t tell me anything
when I went

Science Fiction
what a great lie
Mars never wanted any part of it, you know

The waste land re-visited

They carry the water there every week now
its part and parcel of the package
of growing into ‘space’ and drowning
out the natural wakefulness of the earth.

Let’s go up next week and take a dive
into the red earth
I found your mask by the levy train
and saw that it was eaten by the gorge
If only you could notice when I’m not around
you’d understand that I am way ahead of you
in my over read dead earth.

I’m working away at making this thing stick
to my loins
With footprints, sandcastles, pumps and drills
The gas isn’t going to last much longer
at home
So we’d better move along training for more air
and pumping out the universe
But it’s sucking us back
sucking you back into holograms, electricity and liquid muscle
and you won’t wear the bloody mask because
You think its all safe. But
it ain’t.

I told you that the sun wasn’t our friend
and you will soon find it no ally to your

Prepare for the destruction of many youth
in that phosphorescent glow—the mixed fire
they’ve packaged you into re-usable human garbage
But I know where they’ve left your dying spirit
in that probe
recorded for vista 5-21.

This was my first Science Fiction poem written in a whoosh and a blur, an ecstatic ejaculation of emotion – approximately 3 minutes it took, no edits, pure prophetic downpour and rage. Written exactly 3-4 days prior to them discovering evidence of ‘water’ on Mars. The year was 2004. And a ‘news’ article that announced the ‘scientific’ discovery of water by Rover on MARS. Love the Media. Love Science. They are so much a part of what is ‘proof’ on Earth. Seers, Poets and Prophets don’t mean a damn thing until your dead. [Sarcasm 101]

Nasa writes about proof of Water on Mars by Rover


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