who was it who said who was it who called from the roof
who was it who took off her flesh?

and when she moved into other worlds that one or another
were they as voluptuous as this one?

her feet in sand as she walked down the beach her hands
sticky with liquor did she recall anything?

had she called in the first place when she crawled out of
the ruins had she called for anyone?

having seen flashes of galaxies and cosmic noise all that
endlessness did she pluck out her eyes?

and then when everything came back to her body and
everything the body knows who was it?

when lightning seared her eyes what was it came to her
what was the other life she hadn’t lived?

where the sea ran in and slid over her feet where was she
among the sea dreams and the gulls?

someone’s radio playing bad news and worse music how
far off were all the gods who ever lived?

did she know her life was more than all those she loved
did she know her life was less than her life?

— Jumping in the Asylum, Patrick Friesen.
[Quattro Books 2011]


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