Apple – thought for the day

There’s this really cute cartoon that about sums up the relevance of Steve Jobs’ APPLE. I remain forever in awe of the Adam and Eve story–metaphor and/or literal truth. Just the other morning I was sitting in front of my macbook APPLE [in the nude] and it was brought to my attention that I look like Eve with her apple. Then I came across this article with the following cartoon. The many truths of who we are, what we do and those biblical scribes were no fools–it seems. I’m not writing about gender here–i’m writing about symbols and semiotics. There is much to be gained from seeing into what is right in front of us. Namely, that of Steve Jobs’ death and his Apple legacy. He’s no devil and he’s no angel either nor is he a God. But, he certainly embodies all of that and more. It’s important for us to take our ancestors and their work of leaving us their crucial messages more seriously so that we ‘humans’ can return to who we are and what we do with consciousness. This Apple Legacy may just be the beginning or a genesis to the new Aquarian Age of just that 2012 and forward.

Adam, Eve and their Apple


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