Ferno House Launch

I was really left aglow at last night’s Ferno House launch. Not only was the vibe a warm visitation to humble poets and publishers, I much enjoyed the pink to black darkened literary puns from Gordon’s comment on Kafka and coffee w/a girlfriend and his playful exterior masking a darkened insight but also whom I will call the ‘Metal’ poet who shared with us his intimate story of a young lad falling for a woman through the conversation of something as plain and yet musically exalting as Guns N’ Roses circa 1989/1990. Ah, yes, I remember being in Gr. 9. with Guns and Roses hitting No. 1 on the charts. This was before November Rain. Axl Rose was the sexiest sinister rocker alive with his model girlfriend. Liz Howard was awesome, sweet, adorable, endearing–her play with words/language and emotion as a cricket preparing for seasonal change among the grasses and rocks. At times making obvious references to science as aphorism vs. the passionate emotional life lived only allows us listeners to embrace her fullness of being as both a convoluted rhetoric that has clarity…poems perceptive making us see everything that is in existence once old new again. I’m impressed with the hard work Matt’s put in and the sacrifices/changes. The covers all black yet exquisitely designed, fabricated and pulsing with a blackened glow of ecstasy something not unlike Wagner’s dark operas of the Ring Cycle… yet, so much light within each little chapbook. Impressive. Each reader read for a good 7-10 minutes, there were short intermissions after and a sense of comraderie and chatter filled the Supermarket back room; not unlike the days of the Rivoli, back in the 80s after a live band. It felt familiar, warm and pulsating. Finally, the dancing to Whitney Houston. Yes, loosen up folks. Let yourselves dance. After all, what is poetry but a dance with language, emotion [an intimate meeting of the two] and metaphysics.


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