in a movie like this

i just want to be fanny — the bright star as jane campion saw it
or tilda swinton in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando as sally potter saw it
the music a triumphant dalliance
or know the terror of the finger axed off from holly hunters finger — the piano
Portrait of a Lady as jane depicted in 1997
Lizzie in Pride and Prejudice born again, repeat repeat
Mina/Elisabetta Dracula’s true love as francis ford coppola saw it

a place where the passion persists through space and time
something so large it is a super nova unfit for our solar system
a milky way swirling eternal

a victim, a love of infinity, joyful pain, combustion
not only an eros, exotic but a dream like apparatus’ that
keeps its axis in eternity.

i just want to be jane eyre
cathy in wuthering heights
salvador dalis Gala
Clarissa in the Hours
to let philip glass’ music dangle from my pen
sometimes I want to be Georgiana the Duchess
or Elizabeth I but most of all
i just want to be yours–forever.


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