danger us

Why did it have to be a ghetto neighbourhood?

in a time of romanticized ‘new wave’ abundance–where everyone

wore the same clothes, had the same lunches in class, were

taught by the same teachers, anticipated and assimilated educations.

It could have been worse — just another inner city suburb on its

way down into a conglomerate of a metropolis, just another

ethnic group expected to head up the next generation of new world

educated order…just another group of career options- science and math,

just another limited streamline of incremental steps to success

the dreams aren’t so invigorating when your surrounded by fear

wanting to summon the octaves out of a school yard brawl — some

just won’t have it, the monotony that evades the poetry,

there’s a name for the those types: danger-us, those that collapse structures,

they’re all vertical, not horizontal, going wayward, disabled not enabled,

wild–not intelligent, impenetrable will, the forgotten inspiring.


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