Meditation: the 4 foundations of mindfulness

  • Mindfulness of body

if i am mindful of what soothes and makes my body stronger,

without addiction yet with compassion then I am mindful with

and within the body

  • Mindfulness of effort

if i am mindful of daily efforts, where I place my effort[s] and

those that evoke further cause for love of self and other

with gratitude of how effort is expressed that I shall create

mindfulness of effort; sometimes this effort is painful with

positive long-term results; sometimes the effort is unmindful

and the more we continue the effort the more it distorts our

mindful life and we continue suffering.

  • Mindfulness of life

Gratitude is mindfulness of life. To be open to the wonder

which surrounds us and to receiving love and pain if it is for

our understanding. Mindfulness includes acceptance, surrender

to what is beyond one’s mindful control. Mindfulness of life

is full ‘being’ and ‘presence’ in the moment and a sensitivity

to attributing value in existence.

  • Mindfulness of mind

Being aware of thoughts and the mind with mindfulness

means understanding inner conflict, balance, harmony,

choice, observation, non-judgement and being with doing

one-mindfully; one task mindfully at a time.


Each of these 4 meditations brings the opportunity to develop

compassion, forgiveness of other and self, to release anger,

to rest in sadness and to exhibit mindful choices/decisions  that

ultimately make room for the deepening of inner peace and

unrequieted self-love.


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