Reading on behalf of International Women’s Day 2013


On March 5th I was invited to attend the West Scarborough Community Centre Interntational Women’s Day gathering, mostly made up of Italian Canadian immigrant women seniors who were curious to hear me read. It was a lovely experience and endorsed me with much pride for Canadian history and our diversity of voices through out the two previous generations between the tail end of the second world war and the baby boomers. A human life has nothing to do with intelligence or progress or ‘what or whom is better’. It is the heart that perceives all necessary beyond physics, science and all the human constructs we have acquiesced to over the past Millennia. I was given a dozen red roses and talked to these women, One being 91 years old and in great mental and physical shape—she actually helped prepare the food for the luncheon! I spoke to them about the importance of the generations’ relational capacity between women and how their lives, their joys, sufferings, paved the way for women such as myself and many others–that nothing in this world is separate–there is connectivity–however miniscule. We need our ancestors. We speak to them. We call to our descendants that when they come, we are waiting.

The Next Day

Gianna Patriarca hosted and created a private event for friends relatives and family to celebrate the onset of another year of International Women’s Day [2013] on March 6th and to celebrate her compatriots/colleagues in Poetry and the Italian Canadian Arts Community. The event took place at the Columbus Centre in the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery. It was a momentous fun evening. I was invited to read along side Gianna as she launched her book ‘Too Much Love’ published by Quattro Books [2012]. And to witness the wonderful performance of the amazing ‘Espresso Manifesto’ duo: Ron Davis [Canadian Pianist] and his wife Daniela Nardi, a voice with such cool swank and Italian slurrrr!


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