Canadian Poetries

Canadian Poetries

Recently, a Toronto Photographer: [Patrik Jandak] decided to start a project to photograph a slew of Canadian Poets. I just did a photograph session with him last week. With the link to this photo above you’ll get to the page where all the Poets are photographed On my blog are some of the photos we took that won’t be appearing on the final Canadian Poetries exhibit page but they are still great shots!Β  Absolute fun! The first photo above I am sitting on a hill watching the recreational Soccer on the Field below situated behind J. Piccininni Park & Community Centre to the right of Caledonia and St. Clair Ave. West., Cosro Italia.

The Patio of Cafe Novecento on Corso Italia
Mini-Market, Italian Mercato in Corso Italia selling Illy Coffee and Prosciutto. The fruit and vegtables placed on vintage outdoor stands have been put away for the evening. I’m sitting on them. Feels close to home.


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