North on High

North on High
The view of Cobalt North along side the 1900 Railway heading up to Lake Temiskaming and surrounding region: Haileybury and New Liskerd. The distant view of a Mine Mill with bridge over the river remains.

[work in progress]

North on High

Away city!
How do we need largeness?
pick [me] up trucks
over endless road way
wanting time travel
away city—
crowd pavements
drowning in sky haze
the horizontal of bus hum;
bushwhacked road
rails, without kill
A musical movement in
Window lapse
pine and birch birth,
crow bites, tree sprawl
straight sun rays sting
looking through the cloud
fever, touch sky, keep
grated rocks
farmhouse abandoned in shadow
and green séance
black water lake welcome,
entering entering [my]
North on High

Deep Cobalt Mine
The entrance mouth of a large and long mine found among the bush a few km from Cobalt centreville. This was one of the more elongated horizontal mines not moving underground but perpendicular to parts of the forest depending on the scale of the rock. There is mist coming out of this mine due to the deep compressed air and oxygen formed from moisture and cold within the rock.

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