Article in Anglican Newspaper: St. Stephen-in-the-Fields Bread & Honey Solstice

An article was written and posted for the Anglican Newspaper, November [Autumn] Issue detailing the Bread & Honey outdoor event, hosted by Maggie Helwig and Andrea Budgey. It happens every Saturday and hosts a poet or writer to read on behalf of celebrating the spirit of giving via Christian & Aboriginal & various Spiritual Values of Ritual or Ceremony. This is the Photo taken for the Article showing the September 21st Bread & Honey gathering with various poets & friends such as Maria Erskine, Hugh Thomas, Charlie Huskein, Mark Connery, John Oughton and Poet featured Sonia Di Placido [me] discussing Hildegard of Bingen‘s writings of the herbal guide she created titled “Physica” and her theories of spiritual illumination among Christian Monastic practice via the 12th century such as the first Morality Play ever written, “Ordo Virtutum” and her descriptions of Visions, “Scivias” and Hildegard’s theory on the ‘Greening of Life’ also Vitality and Virility, also known as “Viriditas” as written in Latin. It also mentions the October 5th, Nuit Blanche bp Nichol “Martyrology” event, which took place at St. Stephen-in-the-Fields Church: a series of readings from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. October 5&6 to celebrate the arts in the City of Toronto. Poets were able to read at 15 minute intervals on the altar area of the Church. It provided a strong spiritual connection to reverence of poetry and song combined with a playful spirit of poetics and language.

Article in Anglican Newspaper: St. Stephen-in-the-Fields Bread & Honey Solstice


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