When is it Too Much Writing?

When writing is self-perpetuated and a writer does too much of it by being abundantly creative and instilling the self with too many projects that have little returns by way of monetary sustenance, does it make it any less valuable? Certainly not most would want to believe but fact remains; it may give you exposure but it doesn’t put food on your table.

I’m saturated with mini writing projects this end of year Christmas Season into 2014. I’ve got two essays, a chapbook, a ‘full-length’ poetry book project. I’ve got a grant I’m trying to complete and various submissions, which are not only open but also expected submissions in waiting. All this and I’m trying to get off the ground a regular momentum of producing a revising body of poetry works for the ‘full-length’ book project. And this is only a day in the life of a writer/poet/blogger/academic/… and so on. It’s never ending that plethora of self-induced projects us writers create in order to keep ourselves going among the procrastination and the saturation. Dump on the creativity and the ‘more’ of projects so that there’s the belief of so much to do that it becomes actually real and self-aggrandized and pertinent—then you’re guaranteed major stress and the self-importance that comes with the perpetual need to keep going as a poet/writer/artist and producing more work for more exposure. And so on, back to my projects. I’v got to finish one or two to get buzzing over one or two more self-propagated writing projects.Β 


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