A Project in Process

Loaded Gun–

An intimate, personal voice/lyric/language/tongue[s] in relationship with a father who embodies the culture of the Americas/The “Fronteras” [Frontier]. He is the epitome of a pioneer dream during the 20th century, exhibiting desires of embracing the West, the New World of Hunting, Taxidermy specialists, Animal Trophies, A control of the Wild, Gunning Laws, Lincolns, Buicks, Chevrolets & Oldsmobiles. Khaki pants, Cotton shirts. Lumber Jackets, Wine Making in the Basement Cantina, Tomato Sauce churning. Demi-Johns bubbling. Having mastered road trips through the USA terrains of Yankee Nation–New York/New Jersey with extended family of American Italians. Onward he roads through Red Canyons, Rivers, Waterfalls, Adventures in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, California vistas down to Tijuana Mexico, and back to six months in Orange County. El Toro and Laguna Hills. Then over to the Carolinas–North/South Carolina, Visits to Argentina, Chile, Uraguay, Peru–the South Americas. What is Republican? vs. a Democratic? the British Parliament of Conservatives vs. Liberals and the New Democratic Party? An original Trudeauite. A Sportsman show attendant touring the CNE’s larger convention centres from the late 1970s to early 1980’s Talks with Natives about furs, trapping, trading. He maintains the unprogressive argument that The Simpsons was/is an insult to irony of his Baby Boomer post-war values about building a better ‘systemic’ existence to thrive. Now, passing into the Age of Aquarius. He is the Fatherland of a 20th century post-war middle class Modernism, now cliche, passe–it has met its post-modernism and fracture. The essential Patriarch with a passion for the ‘workings’ of…an acquisition to ‘land’. ย I’m not shy to use a personal unique voice, a sensibility that is my ‘slow’ celebration! in [poetry as] existence: I am ‘subject’, perhaps the slant ‘object’ that shares.

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