What draws you to poetry? What is your reason for writing poetry?

“Some of us always know our place in and out of time, where we belong and who we are. I’ve always considered myself an artist, a writer, a theatre person, a storyteller and eventually I found out I was, among all this, also a Poet. I have the poetic temperament. I’m a ceaseless romantic with bouts of moods and depression. I have always had a profound love for the dramatic arts, visual arts, Opera, theatre, the act of writing and the spoken or written word[s]. My reason(s) for writing poetry are a few. Firstly, I need something to obsess over to cope with existence and all its questions and mysteries. I am a passionate person; I use the mediums of poetry, writing and various forms of art, to channel my passions in a constructive way. The process of writing poetry as well as publication assists me in the process of exhibiting a sense of place or belonging in the world, also a sense of the sublime and reverence. It helps me to act out the experience of gratitude, to know and understand acceptance and the grace of suffering in every day living.”

– Sonia Di Placido (Poet)

From an interview with Spilt Ink Poetry

—Charles Banks Jr.


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