The Damned & Beautiful Poets

Yesterday, April 24th, National Poetry Month 2014, I featured for 20 minutes with a Reading Series out of Toronto Canada, The Beautiful & The Damned.

It was a model experience for a Poet. I could express myself freely–appreciated, understood, among avid supporters and friends. My use of language, emotion, technique and poetic all given much credulity. I read a comparison between the Vulva Magic, unedited version of Argentine Aria for Evita and Hot Air and the Exaltation in Cadmium Red ed. “Agentine Aria for Evita” then went on to discuss some of this sameness process of poetry and revision. Once that set a tone and mood, I went on to speak briefly about my new book and read 3 poems that [fingers crossed] will be featured in the next book: Shotgut/Loaded Gun.

1. Fatherland

2. American Cliche

3. Camaraderie


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