Pat Lowther Workshop (Coming Soon)

“Writing is a kind of wrestling with the opacities of our own understanding with the limits of the language we use.  And like Jacob’s wrestling with the angel, it is done to win a blessing.”     Pat Lowther, from an unpublished essay, “A Kind of Wrestling,” ca. 1964-5

Weisenthal, Christine. The Collected Works of Pat Lowther, NeWest Press, 2010.

Peak into what’s forthcoming @ Sonia’s Poetry Project: 

I am facilitating a Pat Lowther Writing Workshop forthcoming this later summer (September) or early autumn (October) 2014. A look at one Canadian 20th c. female post-modern poet to encourage and further inform our current poetics while engaged in creative experimental writing of poetry and other informing the current literary movement(s) and/or stages through past theoretical discourse in 21st century Canadian writing by revisiting our national literary Poetry of the past.

More details to come…And Soon!


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