Niagara Literary Arts Festival and Summer News

The NLA was a huge success, much to my surprise. Four books sold–all that I brought to Patrick Sheehan’s pub in St. Catharines was gone! And a cheque for participating in the event. Another surprise! Meeting folks and spending time with friends was more than I could have imagined it to be. Good times all around.

It’s fabulous to inspire strangers and poet enthusiasts; to walk into diverse neighbourhoods and take in their sphere[s].  I look forward to another year –down the Niagara-around-the-lake road. The next one shall be where I do not loose my voice during the day of my reading–a perfect Summer Solstice it was. With regret, I missed a feature with fellow writer friends at Books & Biscotti Reading Series at the Toronto Public Library Yorkville Branch, June 21st, due to vocals evacuating the premises.

Other great news: Seven poems [submitted in one go!] accepted by Dale Smith in Ryerson University Literary Journal: The White Wall Review, Fall 2014. That is the largest sum of poems, published at once via submission that any Canadian journal has published to date. Likely a life-time record considering the well adhered to truth–if it’s not an ensuing chapbook of seven or more poems or an ensuing full book of poems, this is as close as it gets to publishing such a significant no. of poems in one go with any Literary Journal. Another surprise indeed! Blessings abound after 20 years of risk and passion, it seems.

More great news: I’ve got a wonderful space for my foray into becoming a workshop guru of ‘The Canadian Modern Poets’. My first session begins this late Summer in September at the Great Hall or Chapel of a quaint Anglican Church near my home. The sort of space that evokes a warmth and presence of times and spaces in [sonic] harmonic with the work I aim to put out for those who wish to come and be part of this sharing poetry enterprise. This is finally a reality; something I have grappled with putting together for a few years. I know the workshop will go extremely well. All attendees will leave quite satisfied with what we attempt to explore as a group or individuals who are writing and learning enthusiasts.

I received surprising praise from The New Yorker’s Poetry Editor, Paul Muldoon. Yes, a non-generic submission response, which specifically expressed interest in my poems and urged me to continue sending work. Expressly ‘we look forward to more when the time comes.’  If that isn’t foreshadowing then call me a literary idiot. I’m finding that I’m more widely accepted abroad and treated with undue respect as a poet, artist and writer everywhere outside of my own home city: Toronto. This is no surprise. I wish I could say the opposite but poetry in this city is worse than an LA audition for the lead starring role in the next great blockbuster. Being a scorpio, I love the passionate animosity such competitive energies stir up.

More news: There is now a good possibility Exaltation in Cadmium Red [already translated into Italian] will be accepted by a Publisher in Italy. That is quite an accomplishment to have a translated copy of my work and in my second ‘native’ tongue mother language — Italian. BIG. HUGE. STUFF. With thanks to my own Canadian Publisher: Guernica Editions

Recently, I was given a special Geomantic Riposte in Jacket 2 for my first book, with thanks to GTM. Another ‘real’ treat!

I am working diligently, passionately, ferociously at not trying too hard, at not writing too hard and gently rowing down my stream of a calling that has sat with my soul since the age beyond an age–when consciousness began its first dialogue with the profound undertow of the subconscious [I’ll just call it that and make it sound really clever] A young child and my love of life of art of exploring the heightened realms of creativity because I knew in Catholic church class there wasn’t a man-god and there wasn’t sin. There was just life and it was all art and what we do with it. So, I remain entirely in awe of how I’ve managed to pull through, thus far, in this life as a poet, an artiste [in the 19th century essence of the word], an artisan, a seer, a rebel and a sensitized romantic. I must give praise to my Italian ancestors. Even the mystical is too small a concept to attempt fathoming how this is done.

Now, I rescind from boasting to write that herewith I am genuine in expressly offering my sincerest gratitude for everything that has come through the various ‘energies of uni-verses’ with my passion and my work as of Spring of 2014.

A photo below Myself [front left], Adam Getty, David Perry, Carl David Onorfio and Ms. Blackwood: readers of the NLA for June 20th.



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