Poetry of the Canadian Moderns Series 1 – Patricia Louise Lowther

I am running a Workshop Autumn 2014, which strives to review the full body of work of Pat Lowther–Canadian Poet. This includes previously unpublished and posthumous pieces. The workshop will be using a recent edition titled: The Collected Works of Pat Lowther, NeWest Press 2010, to better understand her contribution to The Canadian Modern of 20th century Literature and Poetry. Pat Lowther remains a huge influence on the generation of Canadian poets involved in making a difference not only as literary writers and artists, but also as a community of survivors–role models for triumph over adversity through life circumstances. Lowther is studied in depth to inspire further emphasis on writing and discussion in the workshop about the following: creating and developing a present-day Poesis, which includes voice, style, tastes, technique and the role of individual emotion/anima/spirit in the act of writing Poetry.

Dates: September 13 – November 29, 2014

Time: Every Saturday at 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm [2.5 hrs. once a week]

Cost: $150.00 (includes text at $25.00)

Location: St Michael & All Angels Church, 611 St. Clair Ave. West. Toronto.                 Southeast corner of Wychwood Ave. & St. Clair Ave. West. in the upstairs Great Hall.

Please Note: Part of the fee includes a donation to the Location w/ Shelter & Foodbank of Workshop held in St. Michael & All Angels Great Hall, Toronto.

For more information please contact or e-mail me at sonia.diplacido@gmail.com     or 647-467-0028 and on the Guernica Editions website: http://www.guernicaeditions.com

The Collected Works of Pat Lowther



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