Equinox Revive

The coming of Autumn has brought an initiation to process with a Sprained Ankle

this past week in the attempt to begin a workshop on Pat Lowther, which is

moving well. Today, September 20th, we had our 2nd gathering; however, it really

felt as if the workshop grounded itself. All present! + 1 virtual via Skype!

Good start to a first workshop series on a Canadian Woman Poet of the ’60s.

Sunday September 21st, Autumn Equinox 2014 brings Toronto’s WOTS 

WORD ON THE STREET FESTIVAL. I’m reading for 5-10 minutes at the

Boneshaker Reading Series Tent hosted by Lil Akov, which I am super

excited about! I’ll be stopping by the White Wall Review Magazine Tent

to pick up a copy of the Ryerson University Literary Magazine as I have 7 poems!

Then, a stop at a few other literary penchants! before I head off to the

Joanne Kyger workshop run by Hoa Nguyen. A great way to begin the season.

Will be Reading at Urban Gallery Event hosted by Brenda Clewes on

September 27th to celebrate Food through Literature and Poetry!

I am touched, once again, to write a blurb on behalf of a writer’s upcoming

book in 2015.  It’s a great feeling to be sought for commentary on literary


To end September 2014 on an “Operatic” High Note, I am reading live

September 30th with Elizabeth Greene (Canadian Poet) and Goldsmith at

The Toronto Art Bar Reading Series, now running 30 some years.

I look forward to showcasing some of my newer writing & poems.

I recently submitted a long poem for Chapbook Consideration to

Baseline Press, out of London, Ontario.

The Chapbook is titled The Taxidermist Can’t Mount In The

Akashic Wood.

On with words, experiments in language, poems, musings etc.


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