Exaltation in Red (Cadmium?) China

Prologues to China

I have tried to find a ‘new’ and ‘different’ name to express the exalting preparatory experience of heading to an International Writer’s Residency in Northern China near Beijing; what takes place in once a smaller port town, now the burgeoning city of Tianjin, with its exceptional economic and industrial growth as well as its hyper-speed awareness and redevelopment of port areas into environmentally revitalized land and fertile swamp zones, now called ‘New Binhai’ Area.

Now that I’ve replaced my passport and had my Chinese Visa put into place for this late Summer, early Autumn’s voyage overseas, it doesn’t cease to boggle me–Mind, Body & Spirit–of the serendipitous connections and crossings that are forming into some kind of metaphysical, yet sensible, grid between my individual sovereign self and China as a Sovereign Communist nation. Points and Patterns materialize before my own eyes (actually varying senses lately) and they keep me in a consistent state of Exaltation toward my arrival to Red China.


Red is everywhere when it comes to China. 

Red is the major spinal metaphor for my first book of Poetry, Exaltation in Cadmium Red.

China began with the Han Peoples & their Poetry; underneath China’s Red spine it remains about Written Poetry.

I am a Poet.

Naturally this evokes heightened understandings of purpose, aspiration and ambitions, which culminate similarly in an exalted state of being. This is keeping me ablaze in the Red–its various symbols, meanings of colour, namely passion, and more recently the political implications toward national histories and humanity that Red (Communism) continues to conjure, create and cause.

This is the larger theme that encapsulates various examples of connectivity I’ve been experiencing in my research and in my preparations for the Writing Residency. More specific details to follow. This won’t be boring, of this I am certain. Red is never boring. If anything Red is nothing less than loud, overbearing, crucial and at bottom equated with what remains as most powerful.


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