Back to the Grind

Changes from the Tragic events in Tianjin have directed me to return to other projects I’ve set into sight for a number of years.

Returning to what was relevant this past Winter (2015) for my writing and my work–process.

Receiving a contract for my second book of Poetry has been grounding. Aware of the timelines, I know what I’ve started with my first manuscript (as spine) and now to build more muscle and eventually add some skin. The blood is easy–that’s just my feeling with the work. Revisions and additions in tandem with new/old ideas that are in context with the subject, themes and aesthetics of the language and sounds of the poems. I look forward to working with my editor. It will be a challenge to say the least and the outcome(s) is always a compendium? composite! of the flexion of muscle, the revisions, the tonalities and a balance between personal opinions with some objectivity as to how the poem presents itself. Linguaggio–a style, a voice, an aesthetic, a presentation, a formulaic, tongues, cheeks (chic), sounds (as the Italians like to call it).

I’m embarking on Amiri Baraka’s collected this Fall. The recurring trend*–that sort of diminishes the issues happening in America (US) right now–of after 50 years since King, we’re still faced with such horrors that have happened recently in Ferguson and in Charleston. So, the black poets of America are at the forefront on various levels. I’ve always had an affinity for him but now I actually get to study him closely and use him as a conduit and catalyst to my own voice, my own sensuality of the poetic. I’m invigorated and look forward to this!

This Fall opens a few launches for me to attend including — A Canadian Journal of Women. I’ve got two poems in the first issue. “How to Become Friends with the Coyote” and “A Golden Hunger Trails The Emerald City”. I’m thrilled!

I’ve got a blog piece in the Huffington Post listed as anonymous referencing Street Haven (At the Crossroads) and what it’s done/signified as well as my own experience, understanding and analysis of various connections among Mental Health, Violence Against Women, Homelessness & the human need for Creativity and Poetry. I’ll be posting the blog link on here soon! This is due next week.

Working on a few other obligatory assignments (voluntary works) which are each gratifying. September is always and ever the beginnings of Poetry & Theatre season launches where Harvest takes on more than just meanings of Food and Collectives coming together to celebrate productivity of both being and nature. A Cornucopia of Poetics & Artistic Merit awaits. Word on The Street is happening September 27th in Toronto.

Without China, things are NOT Boring–never anticipated they would be. I’m preparing to wind with the wind & slide with the soon to be fallen leaves.


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