“The Romantic movement among other things was concerned to bring back into permitted human experience occasions when the ‘invisible but real world’ was of paramount importance, when the non-visual or dark senses were operating as organs of knowledge.”

― Peter Redgrove, The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real

Some thoughts on the romantic movement: [Humanities]

“Rousseau wrote:”I am not made like anyone I have seen; I dare believe I am not made like anyone in existence. If I am not better, at least I am different.” This statement might well be taken as the slogan of the Romantic Movement. It is the creed of subjective individualism.

“Ordinary man found for the first time in history, that he had a right to express his own opinions, to reveal his own emotions, and especially to exercise his own imagination.”

“A belief in the restorative powers of nature.”

“In literature the period was marked by the development of the novel and an emphasis on lyrical poetry.”

“There is much wild beauty in the poems.”

“It was a time of turbulent emotions.”

“The common man emerged.”

“They yearned for the distant past and distant lands.”

“Romanticism was the overflow of emotions.”


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